The Last ‘First’ Day at Skipps

Monday was the big day – the day when the last of our little Donaldsons started school.  Poppy and Ruby were both excited and a little anxious – they know the school and the teachers so well from time spent there with Ella and Charlie but today was different, it was their first day!

They had their clothes laid out (we have no uniform) and bags packed the night before.  They got dressed and voluntarily brushed their hair in the morning, packed their lunches into their bags and proudly walked to school.

Excited Girls



Happy Family!



Cheeky Ruby



Cheeky Poppy








It was strange for us to see them sitting in the assembly lines in the middle of the grade 3/4 and 5/6 classes.  Only those with older siblings seemed brave enough to join in.  After a quick assembly and barely a cursory glance over their shoulders they were off.

When I picked them up at lunchtime (we have 2 half days) there was much chatter about new friends, new library bags and playing on the playground.  Happy smiling faces.

I hope this prep year is as exciting and engaging for them as it was for Ella and Charlie, lots of fun times ahead.


The Last ‘First’ Day at Skipps

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