The Dreaded C Word

…and its not what you might think, I’m talking about Cancer.

A few months ago my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer.  Only 7 months ago he was here with us in Melbourne having a fabulous time and with no indications of anything untoward.  I’m still struggling to fully digest his diagnosis.

When I found out there was an immediate fear going through me, fear of how he would cope, how Mum would cope and ultimately fear that this awful disease could take my Dad from me.  I have tears as I type now and for those initial few days all I could think about was his diagnosis – I read about it, I talked to my friends about it and I cried about it.   The information available is huge and much of it contradictory, I stopped reading fairly quickly.

There’s nothing fair about cancer and no one deserves to have it but of course I wish it wasn’t my Dad.  He is being remarkably positive (at least when I talk to him) and started his Chemotherapy this week.  Radiotherapy is to follow.

I wish I was closer to home to offer some support to both Dad and Mum but instead I’m focused on our trip home in July which hopefully is giving Dad something to look forward to as well.

K x




The Dreaded C Word

Color Run Fun!

Today the kids and I took part in the Color Run 5K race around Albert Park Lake with a few of my friends from work too.  It’s just as described – the craziest, happiest and most colourful 5K of your life! It was nice to take part in an event which is nothing to do with speed and all about enjoying a colourful day with family and friends.  There were people of all ages, shapes and sizes lined up in pristine white t-shirts at the start and that same sea of people multi-coloured from head-to-toe at the finish line.

We passed through 4 colour zones on the course where they threw dyed cornstarch over us (or if you’re the kids you get down on the ground and roll around in it!).


IMG_4964 IMG_4977





IMG_4974 IMG_4975

They’re already talking about doing it again next year!



Color Run Fun!