What a Fete….

A few weeks have passed but on March 29th our kids school held their inaugural fete.  My good friend Jenni took the reigns of the fete some 18 months ago and with a very capable, hardworking team of other parents supporting her, a fantastic event was created.  I think I can speak for everyone involved in saying it was rewarding and the day made all the better with the sun shining for us!

The hot air balloons rising as set-up began

IMG_5024 IMG_5026


Setting up for Chocolate Toss (a very popular stall!!)


The lovely Preps (I can’t get use to calling it Foundation) opened the day with a song which I hope you enjoy!

Poppy front in red and Ruby behind to the left in yellow.


Beautiful Light-Boxes made in the art room (Ella with Zoe)

IMG_5035 photo 2

A face-painted Ruby


Fun on the rides

photo 1Our Sporting Principal in the Dunk Tank!


Until next time…..





What a Fete….

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