I should really have written this post a few weeks ago but our trip back to Scotland left me with lots of mixed emotions so it’s taken me a while to sit down and type!

The word “Home” immediately makes me think of a safe place, secure, cared for and a sense of belonging so I wondered how I would feel visiting Edinburgh after 7 years.  Initially I felt like a tourist in my home city – things were familiar yet different.  I knew where things were (mostly) and I knew how to use the public transport system but at the same time I felt a bit lost.  Catching up with long term friends was fantastic when they told me which bars were cool to go to these days!

I absolutely loved spending time with mum & dad – there isn’t a day goes by when I don’t wish we lived closer to them,  not for my sake really its more about the kids.  Every day with them was fantastic just watching the kids at ease in their house, running in and out of the garden and making the place their own.  It felt like how it should be!

Watching the kids with cousins, aunts and uncles made me really see the family they don’t have in Australia – Ryan, Gary, Samantha, Alex, Ros, Pauline, Brian, Noah, Thomas, Gary, Laura, Aimee, Adam, Lynda, Hamish and Christina.  Too many to name all but you were all wonderful with the kids and each has a moment captured in their journals.

We love our big cousin Ryan

IMG_5563 IMG_5565


IMG_5507 IMG_5437 IMG_5687


The wonderful Stan Grierson!


More Cousins



IMG_5568 IMG_5500 IMG_5470 IMG_5317 IMG_5714

Thinking I’m still young!

IMG_5775 Tourists

Platform 9 3/4 was definitely a hit!


The castle lit up blue for the Queen being in townIMG_5484

The city from Arthur’s SeatIMG_5373

Fun beneath the castleIMG_5425 IMG_5428

The only kids on the beach – it was freezing!IMG_5777

Alan’s favourite place in the city!!IMG_5462

Yes – this did actually happen in Scotland!!IMG_5454 IMG_5452

Double-deck buses were such a novelty!IMG_5718 IMG_5719

It’s so green!IMG_5331

All that said, we made a choice to follow Alan’s work so many years ago now and I am thankful too for the wonderful friends (and family – sisters!!) we have in Melbourne.  I guess this is home for now!

K. x




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