A Long Overdue Happy Birthday Ella

It’s not often I forget to post the kids birthdays but this year with our trip overseas and then the hectic nature of settling them back into ‘routine’ life it escaped me – sorry Ella!

Ella-Bella turned 9 on July 22nd, we’d only been back in Melbourne for a few days so we had a quiet family dinner shared with her best buddy AJ.

IMG_5589 IMG_5691 IMG_5584 IMG_5580 IMG_5577

The real celebrations were postponed for a few weeks when we had a sleepover for 8 of her friends.  We’re lucky to have great friends who took Ruby & Poppy and Charlie for the night to give the girls the run of the house.  Ella seemed particularly impressed that Alan made himself scarce (for that you can read ‘Pub’) for a few hours while the girls played with make-up and face masks.  Probably less impressed when trying to share dance moves on his return!

The results of blind-folded makeup application

IMG_5638 IMG_5615

Pampering – that’s much more like it!


Dancing fun


Cake (I can’t claim this one…far better than I could do!)







Hard to believe next year she will be in double digits!!


A Long Overdue Happy Birthday Ella

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