Dilemmas of the Week

Life is not without challenge and when you’re talking about the lives and emotions of six people there is always going to be something going on.  This week:

1. Inconclusive MRI.  As most of you know I had hip surgery 4 years ago and after months of recovering from a bike accident in May of this year, my physio is concerned about the hip again, perhaps as a result of over compensating during recovery from the bike accident.  He referred me for an MRI which, rather annoyingly, was inconclusive so now I wait to see my original surgeon.  First available appt in late October.  I guess I keep running until then, unless my body decides otherwise, and hope that the old metalwork keeps holding everything in place!!


2.  Work/Life Balance.  I love my job and I love spending time with my kids and being a part of their school community.  The harsh reality of working part-time is that you will likely be overlooked for promotions while you are torn between never doing anything (work/family) to the best of your ability.  I know I have high expectations of myself but the pressure doesn’t just come from me.  Just today Poppy & Ruby would have loved me to go on their school excursion but I couldn’t fit it in.  I know things are going to get more hectic when I start studying again but at least the end goal is a great one!

3.  Girls at School.  There’s something about girls at school that seems harder to manage than boys.  If boys have an argument they may throw a punch but they get over it pretty quickly.  Girls are different.  Words torment or hurt. Exclusion from play speaks volumes.  Older girls pick on younger girls.  Its gone on for a few weeks now, I thought it would sort itself out because I know all the kids involved but it hasn’t.  It’s time to chat to the teachers.


Dilemmas of the Week