The First 24 Hours

I’ve (or should I say we’ve) survived the first 24 hours of a 10 day single parenting journey with Alan in the UK for work.

So the highlights of day 1:
1. A 7.30 am tantrum over the colour of a toothbrush (this child shall remain nameless but for those of you jumping to conclusions….it wasn’t the one you’re thinking of!)
2. Smiles as I left Ruby in the school yard when she yelled out “love you mum” at the top of her voice as I pedalled off to work.
3. Positive news from my orthopaedic surgeon….X-ray shows no obvious hip issue and no need to have pins removed. Relieved is an understatement!
4. Happy to hear Alan arrived safely. The awful plane disasters of recent months have freaked me out.
5. Happy children at the end of the day spending quality time with Uncle Harry .
6. Smiling as I type listening to the sleeping noises of Pops & Rubes who are tucked up in my bed!!!!

Today definitely improved from point 1 above so I wonder what tomorrow will have in store???


The First 24 Hours

4 thoughts on “The First 24 Hours

    1. kirstin says:

      thanks D! Those kids miss you too – Charlie loves that Jake is playing soccer and we’re all sad for him that he’s out injured. Wish him a speedy recovery xxxx

  1. Fi says:

    That is super news about your hip K, so glad you don’t have to go through surgery again. How cute was Ruby’s ‘I love you Mummy’ shout out?!
    Is Alan in London for the 10 days or all over the UK?
    Xxx lots of love, Fi

    1. kirstin says:

      Fi he’s in London Monday-Friday and heading to Edinburgh until Monday. His parents are both not keeping well so he wants to spend time with them and organise some things for them with his brother. Love and hugs to you all xxxx

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