Day 8 – The Impact

Monday should have been a work day for me but, as the last few days have shown, things just don’t always go to plan!
The highlights if the day:
1. Thanks to my friend who got me out of the house to the supermarket (exciting stuff) – a job which didn’t fit into the upheaval of the weekend. It’s easy to push an empty trolley with one hand but not so much when it’s full of the weekly food requirements of a family of 6!!!!
2. Sitting down, yes just sitting down with nowhere I needed to be and nothing I needed to do.
3. Seeing the happiness on the kids faces when I picked them up, particularly Ella who struggled a bit with me not being around on the weekend.
4. Cooperative kids when I explained they had to help – Char put some of the groceries away, Ruby washed the dishes and Ella made packed lunches.
5. Cake baking – again!
6. Thanks to our lovely neighbours who have been hiding new bikes for the girls.
7. Endone – thanks for getting me through the night!


Day 8 – The Impact

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