Fun With Ace

We’re having lots of fun dog-sitting Ace for a week while our friends are on holiday. He’s actually helping me to stick to the fitness challenge!

It took him a few days to get used to our crazy household but I’m not so sure the guinea pigs are used to his friendly face within a metre of their cage! The kids are loving it and have been with me on many morning runs/bikes/scoots. I asked them what the best thing was about having ace:

Charlie: he keeps me company
Poppy: when he hops on the couch and licks me
Ruby: when he hops on the couch and I get to lie down with him and he licks me
Ella: he never disobeys me and stops at every road and he snuggles with me

There have been fights over holding his lead and, more surprisingly, fights over picking up pooh! I wonder if the novelty would wear off if we had our own Ace….






Fun With Ace

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