Birthday Boy

Charlie turned 8 last weekend. This cheeky, energetic, mischievous, noisy, boisterous yet sensitive kid keeps us on our toes every day as we try to keep up with him!

He had huge amounts of fun playing bubble soccer with his buddies and was lucky to get so many fabulous presents. Thanks – you know who you are!






K x

Birthday Boy

Holiday Fun

It’s funny that we so excitedly await the long weeks of school summer holidays yet when we’re living them they seem to whizz by so quickly.  Christmas and new year celebrations seems such a long time ago and yet we’ve caught up with lots of friends and the kids have barely stopped for breath!  I often wish I had even half of their energy….

So, what have we been up to?

Recovering – Alan is still recovering from his knee surgery, but the good news is that the brace came off on Tuesday.  The road to rehab will be challenging but he’ll do everything he can to speed up the process!

Swim, swim, swimming – thanks to our lovely neighbours, who were on holiday for 3 weeks, the kids and their friends made full use of their pool.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender

Friends near and far – my kids don’t seem to grasp that in the holidays their friends are not always just around the corner so the constant begging for playdates and sleepovers is simply not always possible.  My eldest thinks I’m mean but truthfully her friends have been on/off away since school broke up.  They chat on facetime and I love to overhear their conversations….growing up so fast yet innocent at the same time.  This whole issue has not been helped by blondie’s (AKA Charlie) friends being around and boy does he love to remind her of this!  Roll on this weekend when some of these friends re-unite.

Daytripping – on a blisteringly hot Saturday we took a day trip to Warburton where we picnicked in a shady spot along the river while the kids floated down stream on their rubber rings.  I came off worst with many bumps and bruises from helping them to steer through the rocks!

IMG_7389 IMG_7393 IMG_7397 IMG_7401

Last weekend we (and in particular Poppy) were excited to go and see one of the kids beloved teachers get married.  She and her friend Nieve took great delight in choosing which dress and accessories to wear and Poppy could hardly contain her excitement during the ceremony as you can see from the picture below.


IMG_7471 IMG_7468

Fun at the fair – Grandma & Grandpa gave the kids Luna Park passes for Christmas and this means that whenever we’ve had any free time they want to go.  My explanation of it being an annual pass falls on deaf ears so I’m resigned to hoping the novelty wanes…. just a little.  The great things is that lots of their friends have them too which saves me from the rides.  That said I did buckle to friend and kid (easy for them given that none of them are tall enough!) pressure to go on the Freak Out – thanks Ruth!!


IMG_6140 IMG_6143


Footy – the season is about to start again and we took the kids down to meet the Saints 2015 squad at a kick to kick on St Kilda Beach.  Charlie was shy at first but once we convinced him to meet his favourite player, Nick Riewoldt, he was happy he had his picture taken.  He and his buddy, Maceo, enjoyed kicking with some of the other players and Ella got in on the action too!

IMG_6240 IMG_6241


Here’s to enjoying what we have left of the holidays…..

K x



Holiday Fun