A Decade of Parenting….

…that title makes me feel old!  On July 22nd, Ella turned 10.  She was so excited and wanted everyone to know her age was finally double digits.  Isn’t it funny that we spend a lot of our young years wishing we were older?  Milestones such as 10, 13 followed by 16,18 and then 21.  Is that the last milestone we actually want to reach?  I didn’t feel worried about turning 30 and I don’t think I will about turning 40 when it comes, but I have lots of friends who have struggled with it!

Anyway, back to Ella.  We celebrated her 10th birthday by taking some of her friends ice-skating followed by a sleepover.  They whizzed around the ice for 2.5 hours and would have kept going had I not called time on it.  Back home there was dancing, music, karaoke and a movie before they headed to bed….this was where the hours of skating were on my side because they were exhausted!!

Birthday Morning



And of course cake!


The ice-skating team!


Happiness in all these faces





A Decade of Parenting….

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