Losing Dad

One month ago I lost the best dad a daughter could ask for. My heart is broken. I miss him every day, more than my words can express.  I would give absolutely anything for one more chat, to tell him again how much I love him and to feel his big strong hands squeeze mine.  I was lucky to have some of those moments in his final days and, as Ruby says, “grandad is gone but he’ll always be in our hearts”.

To our fabulous friends who took care of our kids like your own for 8 days, I’ll never be able to thank you enough. And of course to everyone for the messages, cards, flowers, meals when cooking just wasn’t front of mind, you kept me going and allowed relative normality to return for the kids. We’re lucky to have you all in our lives.
Lastly to those of you who asked “doesn’t she have family here?”, well; yes I do but that family is my 2 sisters who, while struggling with their own grief, were trying to hold down their jobs and are not as familiar with the school routine as those friends who stepped up. I’m so thankful I didn’t ask you for help.
Forever in my heart, dad.
K x
Losing Dad

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