A better late than never Father’s Day post!

Fathers day was tough this year, I thought of the message I would have written to Dad and what special gift I may have chosen and how I’d loved to have heard his voice that day……with only memories to hold on to.

Its funny how kids keep us going, give us another focus and how lovely to watch how much my 4 adore their dad. These pictures were taken on the day and sum it up perfectly.

Love you always Dad.


A better late than never Father’s Day post!

Footy Season Comes to an End

Charlie, Poppy & Ruby have thoroughly enjoyed their footy this season and what a fantastic way to end with Charlie winning his club best & fairest last week.  He absolutely loves the game, is determined,  gives his all each week and picks himself up when he’s knocked down.  He was delighted for his team mates tonight with their awards and proud when his name was called out for his. Here he is with his fabulous coach, Lyndon.


Ruby and Poppy played in the girls Auskick squad this year which gave them much more opportunity under another fabulous coach.  They’ve loved it and are super keen to play on next year.  Here are some highlights of the season:

The all-important club song!

Pre-game Coaching


Some Very Muddy Boys


Poppy & Ruby playing at Etihad

IMG_7925 IMG_7923IMG_7937

Charlie playing at Etihad

IMG_7939 IMG_7940

And me in my fetching white coat (with no idea what I’m doing)!


Auskick Friends


Auskick trophy time

IMG_7936 IMG_7932

Lightning Carnival


Playing for the Under 10’s


Last game of the season – the Bedford Cup (pep talk from Peter Bedford prior to the game!)

IMG_7898 IMG_7896

Last Saints game of the season


And that’s a wrap….until 2017  #gobloods


Footy Season Comes to an End