Easter Holidays

So, what did we get up to? Lots of quality family time, hanging with friends, outdoors fun, sport and of course concluding in a chocolate coma these past few days! 
Footy in the Sun?

Time for a bike ride

Girls in charge of a very impressive looking dessert!

Letting kids & dogs expend energy!

Early morning dog walks….some of us still in pyjamas 😀

Fun with friends and our very own magician 🎩 

The middle weekend saw Alan & Charlie take off with some friends on a boys camping trip. 

The girls were not to be outdone. We set up some backyard camping! First night successful and second night became indoor camping as storms were forecast.

These pics are from day 2 as the storm came rolling in across the bay.

It wouldn’t be Easter holidays without going to the footy. It’s not often we get everyone to go so this pic captures a rare event!

We also took advantage of late holiday bedtimes for an after dinner trip to Luna Park. No Char in these ones because he was away hanging out with one of his mates.

An early morning and same day dusk pier walk. We saw water rats in the morning and the penguins at dusk. Not sure what we were thinking attempting this on Easter Sunday because there were so many tourists. 

Tomorrow they head back to school, excited to see teachers and friends.


Easter Holidays

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