Turning 12

Turning 12….a big milestone for Ella!  Half way through her final year of primary school, gaining more independence every day and growing up so fast.  How can this be the last year before “teen” creeps into her next 7 birthdays?  How have we gone from playing with my makeup to applying mascara before we go anywhere that doesn’t involve sport?  How are we navigating tricky friendships and body conscious conversations already?  Well, we’re doing it because Ella is lucky enough to be surrounded by a supportive, grounded group of friends, family and teachers who help her navigate the other stuff.

With the end of primary school fast approaching and the reality that her classmates are moving on to various schools next year, we decided to have a join party with AJ, one of her best buddies, where all these kids could hang out together.  They wanted a disco party so that’s what we did – they danced, laughed, played jokes on each other, sang at the tops of their voices and had fun.  Such a great bunch of kids, she’s a lucky girl!

Thanks to AJ’s mum we have some fabulous photos to share:

Birthday Girls



Every party Needs Balloons


Photo Booth Fun!

Dancing & Singing







The After Party!




Turning 12

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