Footy Season Comes to an End

Charlie, Poppy & Ruby have thoroughly enjoyed their footy this season and what a fantastic way to end with Charlie winning his club best & fairest last week.  He absolutely loves the game, is determined,  gives his all each week and picks himself up when he’s knocked down.  He was delighted for his team mates tonight with their awards and proud when his name was called out for his. Here he is with his fabulous coach, Lyndon.


Ruby and Poppy played in the girls Auskick squad this year which gave them much more opportunity under another fabulous coach.  They’ve loved it and are super keen to play on next year.  Here are some highlights of the season:

The all-important club song!

Pre-game Coaching


Some Very Muddy Boys


Poppy & Ruby playing at Etihad

IMG_7925 IMG_7923IMG_7937

Charlie playing at Etihad

IMG_7939 IMG_7940

And me in my fetching white coat (with no idea what I’m doing)!


Auskick Friends


Auskick trophy time

IMG_7936 IMG_7932

Lightning Carnival


Playing for the Under 10’s


Last game of the season – the Bedford Cup (pep talk from Peter Bedford prior to the game!)

IMG_7898 IMG_7896

Last Saints game of the season


And that’s a wrap….until 2017  #gobloods


Footy Season Comes to an End

Losing Dad

One month ago I lost the best dad a daughter could ask for. My heart is broken. I miss him every day, more than my words can express.  I would give absolutely anything for one more chat, to tell him again how much I love him and to feel his big strong hands squeeze mine.  I was lucky to have some of those moments in his final days and, as Ruby says, “grandad is gone but he’ll always be in our hearts”.

To our fabulous friends who took care of our kids like your own for 8 days, I’ll never be able to thank you enough. And of course to everyone for the messages, cards, flowers, meals when cooking just wasn’t front of mind, you kept me going and allowed relative normality to return for the kids. We’re lucky to have you all in our lives.
Lastly to those of you who asked “doesn’t she have family here?”, well; yes I do but that family is my 2 sisters who, while struggling with their own grief, were trying to hold down their jobs and are not as familiar with the school routine as those friends who stepped up. I’m so thankful I didn’t ask you for help.
Forever in my heart, dad.
K x
Losing Dad

Death at a distance

When we moved to Melbourne in 2005, the possibility that one of our parents might fall ill in our absence was a thought that didn’t enter our heads.  We’ve been lucky I guess and spent 9 years travelling back and forth when we could and having our parents do the same.  The past 18 months have changed all of that.

Alan’s dad’s death last week, even though we knew it was coming, brings the reality of the distance home to us.  I (or should I say we) will be forever grateful that Alan went home last month with Poppy & Ruby.  He was able to spend some time with his dad and importantly they were able to say goodbye.

I chatted to a psychologist colleague last week who described that phone call telling you someone is gravely ill as “all our worst fears realised” and that we go into a spiral of emotions and questions in our heads.  Do they need my support right now or should I wait?  Our immediate reaction is to drop everything and run without considering the impact to our day-to-day lives.  She insisted we must never feel guilty for our decisions and that we do what is best at the time.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to travel home with Alan for the funeral so to all our wonderful friends and family who were there, I thank you for supporting him at a time when I couldn’t.  Not being there was hard.  The kids decided to write notes to Grandpa and we placed them in a glass bottle and threw them off the pier with some flowers.  As they did it they each told me their favourite memory of Grandpa.


Death at a distance

A Decade of Parenting….

…that title makes me feel old!  On July 22nd, Ella turned 10.  She was so excited and wanted everyone to know her age was finally double digits.  Isn’t it funny that we spend a lot of our young years wishing we were older?  Milestones such as 10, 13 followed by 16,18 and then 21.  Is that the last milestone we actually want to reach?  I didn’t feel worried about turning 30 and I don’t think I will about turning 40 when it comes, but I have lots of friends who have struggled with it!

Anyway, back to Ella.  We celebrated her 10th birthday by taking some of her friends ice-skating followed by a sleepover.  They whizzed around the ice for 2.5 hours and would have kept going had I not called time on it.  Back home there was dancing, music, karaoke and a movie before they headed to bed….this was where the hours of skating were on my side because they were exhausted!!

Birthday Morning



And of course cake!


The ice-skating team!


Happiness in all these faces





A Decade of Parenting….

The Friendship Minefield

This week our household has been experiencing some friendship issues and it’s hard to know where to begin in explaining to kids ‘what makes a good friend’.  I always find myself on the negative, telling them that someone is not your friend if:

– they make fun of or tease you

– they make you feel bad when you hang out together etc.

But last night we had a good discussion turned on its head, looking at the things we think make a good friend.  In no particular order, these came from all the kids:

– someone who respects what I think or say

– someone who makes me feel good or happy when we play

– someone who doesn’t say mean things about me to my other friends

– someone who doesn’t tease me

– someone who lets me choose what to play sometimes

– someone that I can trust

– someone who helps me if I am stuck or feeling sad

– someone who is nice to me and kind

We rounded it out recognising that we should be nice to everyone, ‘treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves’. We should stick up for our friends if someone is being mean to them and we should walk away if someone is not being a good friend.

Having good friends, however near or far, is an important part of my life. Good friends can be fantastic, but I also remember school days when your friendship group was so important to your self-esteem and confidence.  Charlie experiences very different issues to the girls which makes dealing with them all a minefield!


The Friendship Minefield

Where have we been?

I always have the best intentions to update the blog at least once per week, but somehow 8 weeks have slipped past!  Let’s put it down to having so much on……

We’ve had the kids first tryathlon, grand prix, a weekend camping in Bright, the colour run, going back to uni (for me!), Easter, school holidays, birthdays and a week camping at Bimbi park.

Triathlon action



IMG_7929 IMG_6442 IMG_7908 IMG_6444


Fun in Bright



IMG_6458 IMG_6457


Easter holiday fun in Anglesea


IMG_6491 IMG_6488



IMG_6493 IMG_6496

Easter Sunday was my birthday and a beautiful morning for a family bike ride around the lake…obviously stopping for coffee along the way!





Sooooooo many kids camping at Bimbi Park – 14 all in but Josh is missing from the pic!




Now all of that was before term 2 started and of course footy season is now underway.  Char is no longer playing Auskick (with the comfort of going to the same oval, at the same time every Saturday) he has moved up to play in the under 8’s team and with that comes home and away matches.  His team are playing exceptionally well so far and he loves it!

IMG_6526 IMG_6528


On a not so beautiful day, the car was the best seat in the house to watch the match!


Now footy is just the start of it…..SPORT is starting to take over. Between 4 kids and their footy, swimming, diving and basketball there are no days without training or matches.  The logistics are often challenging!



Where have we been?

Wonderful Wedding

They invited us to ‘the wedding of the year’ and it was stunning on all fronts…..beautiful bride, handsome groom, pretty bridesmaids and cute flower girls (yes I’m biased as Ella was one of them), sincere and personal vows, fabulous venue, delicious food and more delicious wine!, lovely flowers, impressive cake, great music and many emotional and heartfelt speeches. Huge congratulations to Blanche & Tim! X

Excited to see her husband to be:

The happy couple

Beautiful Ella 

K x

Wonderful Wedding